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Quiet Time


BCC Library staff has to reconcile library users needing quiet with those seeking socialization--both legitimate functions of a library--and, to do this effectively, we must be creative and flexible with our space usage. In an effort to meet the needs of all users, we have established quiet time hours each semester, a program called Silent SWIM.


Starting the second full week of each semester and lasting until the final day of classes, quiet time hours occur twice daily, Monday through Thursday, in BCC Library:

  • 10am-noon
  • 3-5pm

Please note, quiet time hours are suspended during library and ACE Lab events, and when BCC is operating on the "business hours" schedule.

To view the current schedule, please visit the library events calendar.


During established quiet time hours: 

  • Library users must refrain from making noise: no conversations except at service points; no sound on computers (library or personal); no sound audibly spilling out from headphones; etc.
  • Library staff will refrain from booking instruction sessions in the library that occur during quiet time hours.
  • Library staff will refrain from loud tasks/conversations at desk.
  • Library staff will proactively monitor the library for noise, reminding library users that they either have to be quiet or come back to the library when quiet time hours end.
  • Library staff will enforce complaints (either in person or anonymously via our comments/complaints form) by trying to find noisemakers and informing them: that a complaint has been made, that they need to be quiet during quiet time hours, and about when the quiet time hours end.

Outside of established quiet time hours:

  • An acceptable level of noise will be allowed.
  • The library cannot guarantee quiet and will not enforce quiet time rules.

‚ÄčUsers needing quiet

  • Users seeking quiet are encouraged to visit the library during established quiet time hours.
  • Outside of quiet time hours, these users should:
  • Please note: the library is at its busiest and loudest during lunch hours (noon-3pm), Monday through Thursday, so users seeking quiet should plan accordingly.

Users seeking socialization

  • Users seeking socialization are encouraged to visit the library outside of established quiet time hours and to avoid settling in quiet areas (regardless of the time).
  • During quiet time hours, these users should:
    • Avoid the library during established quiet time hours; users making noise will be asked to be quiet or to leave the library until quiet time hours end.
    • Settle in public areas, like the cafeteria and Dolphin Cove.