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Favorite Books


Considering Stephen King is known for his suspenseful horror and hyper-descriptive storytelling, I was genuinely surprised that he swapped horror for crime. This book caught my attention and wouldn't let go.

11/10 would recommend :)

-Danny Lewis, BCECHS Student


This book served as a great read and a good look into the life and madness of those disillusioned by their heroes and forced to stand up and fight for themselves.

-Noah Prevatte, BCECHS Student


The book was really good and touched on some of the things teens today face. For example, crushes, losing friends, problems at home, etc. It was a book that keeps your interest the whole time.

-Da'Knotica Randolph, BCECHS Student


This book is an excellent read if you are interested in books about independence, and how the world can go to crap in a single minute.

-William Twigg, BCECHS Student