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  • A reasonable amount of noise is to be expected in the library.
  • The library cannot guarantee quiet -- particularly during our busiest times (generally 12-3pm, daily) -- but will work with users needing quiet to the best of our ability to make alternative arrangements.

‚ÄčUsers needing quiet

  • Users seeking quiet are encouraged to visit the library during our quieter times (generally early morning and late afternoon, daily) and/or to settle in our quiet area toward the back right corner of the library.
  • Outside of these quieter times, these users should:
  • Please note: the library is at its busiest and loudest during lunch hours (noon-3pm), daily, so users seeking quiet should plan accordingly.

Users seeking socialization

  • Users seeking socialization should avoid settling in our quiet area and, rather, consider using public areas, like the cafeteria and Dolphin Cove.
  • Users making an unreasonable amount of noise will be asked to be quieter and/or to leave the library entirely; please comply with all library staff instructions regarding noise level cheerfully and respectfully.