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Computers & Printing


  • Please sign in via the iPads at the Circulation Desk for each new visit before logging on a library computer
  • Library computers are primarily intended for schoolwork
    • In the event that computers are full, library staff will start a waiting list
    • During busy times, students using library computers for reasons not directly school related may be asked to forfeit computers until the waiting list has cleared
    • When there is not a wait, however, students are allowed to surf the internet; but please know that some sites are blocked campus-wide


  • Community patrons and/or visitors, please pay 10 cents per printed page at the Circulation Desk upon exiting the library
  • BCC students are allowed 50 free prints per day, using the library printer
    • Daily free prints are not transferable; BCC students must be present to send their own print jobs to the library printer
    • Daily free prints may be single- or double-sided, which must be selected in the print dialog box by the BCC student before sending a print job to the library printer
    • Some programs on library computers offer double-sided printing but not all do; single-sided printouts, whether intentional or by accident, still count against the daily 50 free prints allowance
    • Library staff will do their best to troubleshoot printing when asked
    • But, ultimately, BCC students are responsible for all print jobs they send to the library printer
  • After the daily 50 free prints have been exhausted, BCC students are expected to pay 10 cents per printed page at the Circulation Desk upon exiting the library
    • This is an honor system
    • BCC Library staff will not count printouts, rather relying on students to report the number of printouts (or their best estimate)
    • BCC students who are planning on sending large print jobs (30+ pages) to the library printer are advised to alert BCC Library staff in advance; otherwise, BCC Library staff may intervene on the assumption that print jobs have been sent to the library printer mistakenly and resources are being wasted
  • By honoring this printing system, BCC students keep student printing costs low and affordable for all -- thank you!