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As of July 1, 2022, BCC Library is fine-free!

  • This means:
    • If checked-out items are not returned on or before the due date, after a grace period, the items will be considered lost; the user will then be billed for the costs of all lost items plus a $3.00 processing fee (per item) and a block will be placed on the user’s library and BCC accounts.
    • If the items are eventually returned, the total bill (costs + processing fees) will be forgiven and the block removed. Until that point, however, the user is unable to register for classes, obtain a transcript, or check out new library materials.
  • Notices:
    • Once a month, BCC Library sends courtesy notices to users by email, using addresses on file, reminding them about how many items they currently have checked out (as of that date).
    • Bills for presumed lost items are both emailed and mailed via USPS, using addresses on file.
    • All notices are sent as a courtesy to users and any replacement costs and processing fees accrued are due to BCC Library whether or not the user sees or receives any notice.  It is each user’s responsibility to return items on or before the due date.
  • Loan periods:
    • Please consult our Services page by user type for more information on loan periods.