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BCC Library



Hey, I checked out some books and now they are due back -- can I renew them?

If they are BCC Library materials and no one else has requested them, you are welcome to renew.  You can send us an email (, give us a call (910-755-7331), or stop by the Circulation Desk and say that you want to renew your items.  If they are interlibrary loan (ILL) items, however, the lending library determines whether they will allow a renewal or not.  So please check with library staff to determine whether your ILL items are eligible for renewal.  For more information about borrowing, please visit:


I'm ready to return my library materials so how do I do that?

All items (BCC or ILL) can be returned directly to library staff, the book drop in the Circulation Desk, or the blue 24/7 book drop located outside Building A, under the main staircase.


Hey, you're closed due to COVID-19 and I have library materials checked out?

All checked-out library materials (from spring 2020 onward) are not accruing fines while BCC Library is closed due to coronavirus; users will only be responsible for bills resulting from any lost materials.  Users able to travel safely to campus can now return items to the blue 24/7 book drop located outside Building A.



Where is Chrome?

Unfortunately, Chrome negatively interferes with networked printing systems so IT had to remove it from our library student computers in order to solve our persistent printing issues.  We apologize for this inconvenience!  But reliable printing in the library really requires it.


How do I access my Google Docs without Chrome?

You can access Google Docs through any browser, including the library's preferred browser:  Firefox.  Simply click on this link ( and sign in with your Google Docs login.


Do I have to sign in to use the library student computers?

We ask that you sign in at the Circulation Desk iPads every time you come to the library to use one of our library student computers by completing the Computer Usage Form (  By doing this for each new computer session, you are helping us to paint a picture of computer usage for our library stats.  The more accurate our usage count, the more likely we will be able to get new and updated computer hardware from administration when we need it!



How do I access library databases from off campus?

Consult the A-Z Database List ( and click on the desired database.  BCC Students/Faculty/Staff and BCECHS students, choose the BCC Username option, then -- on the resulting Microsoft page -- log in with your full BCC email address and current password. BCECHS Faculty/Staff and BCC community patrons, enter your BCC Library card number (located on the back of your BCC ID) in the field under the No BCC Username option.  If you don't have a BCC ID, please get in touch with Liza Palmer ( and she can give you a temporary workaround. For more information, please see this blog post (


I am trying to log in from off campus and it is not working?

We are sorry this is happening!  Please let us know, using this form (, and we will get working on a fix with the IT Department right away (or as soon as possible once we reopen).  If after hours, and you are in desperate need of a database for an assignment, please start a chat with Chatstaff (teal teardrop button in the top right corner of this page) and they should be able to give you a temporary password to access NC LIVE resources.



Do I really need a BCC ID?

All BCC students are required to have IDs (  This is especially important if you want to check out library books or DVDs.  If you don't have one (or have lost it), please visit the library to get a new one today!  IDs are made at the Circulation Desk during business hours and, currently, there is no charge for replacement IDs.



How many free prints do I get a day?

As a BCC student, you are entitled to twenty (double-sided) free prints a day.  These prints are non-transferable.  Anything over twenty prints a day, we ask that you pay ten cents a page, payable in cash at the Circulation Desk.  By honoring this printing system, BCC students keep student printing costs low and affordable for all -- for more information about printing, please visit:


I am trying to print from a library student computer and it's not working?

The printer you want to use for all library student computers (except our two quick look-up laptops near the Circulation Desk) is:  ECOSYS.  If you are trying to print from Google Docs, you probably won't see this printer option; the best thing to do is download your document as a DOCX or PDF file and then print from that program.  The default printer that shows up in Adobe products on the library student computers is not the correct one (this is a known error that cannot be fixed, unfortunately); so please select ECOSYS from the dropdown menu in Adobe products before sending your job to the printer.  Never hesitate to consult with library staff at the Circulation Desk for assistance with all issues, including printing problems, though -- we are always happy to help!


How do I print something off that is on my personal device?

We are not yet equipped for wireless printing -- it is on our to-do list, though!  For now, the best thing to do is email the document to yourself and bring it up on a library student computer or save the document to a flash drive and bring it up on a library student computer.  We often have flash drives you can borrow at the Circulation Desk so ask library staff if you need one.


I need to make copies of my friend's class notes -- is that part of my twenty free prints a day? 

Unfortunately, no -- you will need to use our photocopier, which is managed by an external vendor and not BCC.  Hard copies are ten cents per side; the machine takes coins and bills.  Alternatively, you can make PDF scans for free, on the photocopier, if you use a flash drive (remember, we often have flash drives you can borrow at the Circulation Desk!).  You can then bring those PDFs up on a library student computer and send them to our printer, tapping into your twenty free prints a day.



Why can I only eat in the front part of the library?

This is because we have limited trash removal during the day and want to keep the library fresh and clean for all (and to avoid pest problems, which no one wants!).  Snack foods can be eaten in the Circulation Desk area at the front of the library, where our events usually occur.  But if you bring food past the posted signs in the library, you will be asked to relocate to the front of the library or to keep your food at the Circulation Desk until you are ready to leave (we promise we won't eat it while you are studying!).


What's the point of Silent SWIM?

BCC Library staff has to reconcile library users needing quiet with those seeking socialization--both legitimate functions of a library--and, to do this effectively, we must be creative and flexible with our space usage. In an effort to meet the needs of all users, we have established quiet time hours each semester, a program called Silent SWIM.  So, please, if you are seeking socialization during the hours of 10am-12pm and 3-5pm, Monday through Thursday, Dolphin Cove is the best option for you.  By observing these rules, you are helping to make the library an effective study space for users needing quiet to achieve their educational goals.  There's space for us all in BCC Library -- we just have to be open to sharing it with each other.  For more information about Silent SWIM, please visit:



Does the library have any study rooms I can use?

The library offers a variety of bookable spaces that can be used by students, faculty/staff, and community patrons.  Spaces can be booked online, via our LibCal system, or with library staff at the Circulation Desk.  For more information about booking rooms, please visit:


I had a room booked and someone is in there! This happens a lot and I am frustrated.

We're sorry this keeps happening to you!  We would be frustrated, too.  In situations like these, please consult with library staff at the Circulation Desk.  Unfortunately, the library does not have the staffing power to monitor these rooms as actively as we would like to.  But we are always able to help on an as-needed basis with every library issue that may arise (let us be the bad guys!); we will happily inform the room squatter that it is time to make way for the next booking.  Coming to the desk and asking for help, though, are necessary steps in that process.



Can I use the WiFi?

Yes!  BCC students should select the BCC_Students network from the available list and then log in with their BCC username and password; BCC faculty and staff should select the BCC_Employees network and then log in with their BCC username and password; visitors should select the BCC_Guest network and then log in with the username and password that library staff at the Circulation Desk provide you.