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  1. For the safety and security of the Brunswick Community College campus, ALL students, faculty, and staff will be required to obtain a photo identification card, issued through BCC Library.
  2. This ID will serve as the official means of identification for Brunswick Community College.
  3. Unless a student loses/misplaces the BCC ID card, it will only need to be issued once. Lost BCC ID cards must be replaced. 
  4. BCC ID cards should be carried at all times while on campus, and under no circumstances should they be altered or lent to another person. Presentation of the BCC ID card is required to borrow materials from BCC Library, to test in TLC, and may be required for identification or participation in various student activities or events.
  5. Persons who do not have proper identification may be asked to leave campus. BCC affiliates should be prepared to show identification at all times if asked by college officials or campus police what business they have on campus. If an individual claims to be a student, s/he will be asked to show his/her student ID. If none can be provided, the individual will be asked to leave campus until s/he can return with a valid BCC ID. Those who resist will be escorted off campus by campus police and further disciplinary action may be taken if necessary. Campus visitors (i.e., potential applicant filing for admissions/financial aid, prospective students on a campus tour), if asked to show ID, will be allowed to continue with their business and are then expected to leave campus upon completion of that business.



  1. Students unaccompanied by BCC staff members must present one form of government-issued photo identification and their class schedule to BCC Library staff at the time the BCC ID card is made.
  2. For ID pictures, Brunswick Community College requires individuals to remove any items not worn as a necessary part of their daily appearance. The only exceptions are items worn for cultural, religious, or medical reasons.
  3. All bandanas, hats, sunglasses, visors, etc. are to be removed before the picture is taken.


COVID-19 Event

  1. When preparing to get your picture taken for the ID, please do not remove your mask until you are seated before the camera; once the ID is done, please stay seated until your mask is replaced.


With thanks to and in acknowledgement of James Sprunt Community College’s “Student Identification Policy.”